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Mixed Martial Art (MMA) training has gained tremendous momentum over the years. Competitions like UFC, KOTC, MFC, etc., are loved all over the globe by people. Youth especially has a keen interest in the sport.

An MMA gym can be a significant upgrade to any fitness brand. It is a beneficial investment.


The Numbers in Consideration

There is not a specific number to what an MMA gym owner would earn. It is conditional on the fees you would charge, the expenses to maintain the gym, and the expanse to which the people respond to your brand.



The equipment and set-up of the gym is a one-off expense. However, future maintenance cost is worth taking in the account. MMA instructor or instructors’ fee. Other costs are negligible but, incorporation, licencing, other staff, etc., are still an expense.



It’s a sensible approach to provide private lessons, group lessons, package deals and extra specific training sessions to interest the students. Subscription packages are great to generate revenue. The revenue will be highly dependent on the demand for MMA lessons in your area.



Location will impact footfall heavily. Make sure your gym is visible. It should not be couped. We recommend finding a busy area from where your gym can be recognized.


The Survival Kit

General Business forms and legalities are easy to manage, but the following documents must be a priority if you want your MMA gym to run smoothly.


Business license and permits

Many countries do not recognize MMA as a sport yet, but different associations still work to make MMA reach out to everyone. It’s crucial to know the legal boundings regarding MMA in your demographic. Inquire about the requirements in your area for the permit or license.



Expensive equipment, a full-contact combat sport, people with anger issues; Insurance can protect you from these uncalled-for troubles. A Liability insurance policy is a must (do check specification as per your demographic), the insurance that can save you from losses due to bodily injuries at your gym.


Liability Waiver Form

Any Legal Firm will help you attain a Release from Liability form that you should have all the participants sign before going forward with the Membership to avoid conflicts over injuries.


The Must-Haves



Flooring is a fundamental asset that will last a very long time, and your investment in it will bear the returns. It is going to be a heavy expenditure, but it is equally necessary. Take note that you will need different types of mats for varying purposes. A few to name:


  • Wrestling mat
  • Puzzle mats
  • Roll, adhesive or square tile flooring
  • Gymnastic crash mats


for safety purposes:

  • Wall mats
  • Corner pads
  • End caps
  • Pole pads


One of the best places to find mats and flooring options is Profoundly trusted by industry experts and it stands out in terms of affordability, quality and durability.


MMA Equipment


Punching bags are the essential buy for an MMA gym. It is the primary equipment your members are going to use.


Muay Thai bags should be your first purchase. It is a crucial kind of bag for punching and kicking purposes. Once Muay Thai bags are in your checkout bag, the next options are boxing bags, target bags, double-end bags, and speed bags. But the Muay Thai are the most necessary. All other bags are optional and can be acquired as you generate revenue.



Safety and force, both come from Boxing gloves. It is crucial for general safety unless you want people to keep hurting their wrists. They are comparatively a cheap buy to other accessories. Although, some really expensive options are available but sticking to affordable but sturdy gloves is a better choice.



Another ‘safety is necessary’ buy. Headgears are even more crucial than gloves if safety is considered. Hurting your head is easier than hurting your hands. The students that are regular players will have their own Headgear, but still keeping a few handy at your gym is a good idea.


You can find every piece of equipment required for MMA training. Affordable and unrivalled quality from functional fitness supplies’ Carbon Claw collection.


A few tips

  • Joining a franchise or creating a franchise can be a big boon to your MMA Gym success.
  • Associating with clubs and communities that sponsor and promote MMA sport can help to establish your brand in the MMA community.
  • Learn about the sport. An owner holding a personal association with the sport is a solid demonstration of expertise.
  • Provide more than equipment and space. Allow your young students to make a career or hold competitions to keep up a healthy spirit and many other perks.


MMA Gyms are profitable but no business is easy to manage. Make sure you got the stomach and punch for it. You can contact FFS for gym building consultation and assistance.

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