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Walking on water is a superpower? Imagine Working out on Water!

Working out ‘in’ water has been known to be of great benefit to people. Water resistance increases the intensity of any workout and is super fun. However, Aquabase, an innovation that is changing the face of exercising throughout the globe, is a floating mat made specially to connect the fun, intensity and benefits of working out ‘on’ water.

The World’s first fitness on water concept by Aquaphysical Floatfit is now an accredited exercise programme foundation in more than 54 countries, helping fitness facilities expand and grow their fitness community.


How Aquabase Works?

Floating Mats are meant to hold body weight, but Exercise floating mats step up with a more rigid design to sustain heavy activity while bearing the body weight. Hence, durability and a proper design to balance, actually hold the weight and staying afloat are necessary.

AquaBase is made from high-density drop stitch for rigidity and triple-layered PVC for durability. As the product leaders, it’s a pride to mention that it is the lightest, most robust and most compact floating exercise mat available in the market.

It’s pretty simple, the way Yoga and Pilates classes happen on land. In the same way, the members get to do the workout on the water with several variations. The challenge heightens as the members have to learn to balance themselves first.


Benefits of Exercising on Water?

  • Water resistance leads to higher intensity in workouts. Pushups on the ground are comparatively easier than on the water.
  • Members have better posture and a taller stance, as the core is constantly engaged.
  • Balance is the key to float. On the ground, people tend to put their weight on dominant sides for support, but on water, you can’t do that.
  • It’s a better choice for places with Hot weather.
  • It is miraculous for building core strength.


Enhance your Fitness Facility

The exercise on water concept is highly engaging to members and can change the way people understand fitness.

  • It is Storage friendly. You don’t need ample space to store Aquabase mats.
  • You don’t have to create a huge space to accommodate these classes. Neither are you required to install anything specific or different. A part of the pool can be left open for swimmers.
  • Trained instructors from Floatfit. Foatfit programmes help you create the best experience for your members. World Accredited training is provided by Floatfit. Well trained Instructors are crucial to this process.
  • Facilities attract a whole new demographic.
  • Accelerate member acquisition, retention and engagement.
  • A unique and fun way to exercise is appealing to all age groups.
  • Stand out from the crowd. Get above the competition with this as a speciality.


Innovative and fresh, the concept of exercise on water is catching up with the fitness industry. As product leader and first of its kind, Aquaphysical Floatfit programmes are credibly renown in the industry. Magnify your reach and get ahead in the game of fitness.

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