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As a gym owner, it is your responsibility to ensure the health and safety of your staff and members. Not only does this mean keeping the equipment well maintained and in good condition, but also keeping your gym equipment well cleaned and sanitised. With the rise of COVID-19, this has never been more important for public health, but also your bottom line if you want to continue operating. Here are some of the top reasons why cleaning your gym equipment is important. 

The general health of your staff and members 

The spread of germs has not changed, but the focus on COVID-19 in the last couple of years has certainly made people more aware of the contact you have daily with bacteria and germs. Gyms are typically enclosed spaces that can get extremely busy during peak times. This can increase the likelihood of germs spreading, as exercise will involve heavy breathing and the excretion of bodily fluids (i.e. sweat). Cleaning your gym equipment can significantly help reduce the spread of germs. 

Keeps the equipment in good condition 

Keeping your gym equipment clean can play a key role in its maintenance and condition. As your most important, and most expensive assets, it is important you look after your gym equipment to ensure you get the most out of them and they remain sturdy and safe for your members to use. Keeping your equipment clean will reduce the need to replace or fix your equipment as often, as it will remove the build-up of dirt and oils that result in quick deterioration. 

Keeping your equipment clean is just as important for your business, as it is for your members and staff’s safety and wellbeing.

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