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A home gym can be a valuable upgrade to your home. As the World switched to work from home, workout from home is bound to be the subsequent big norm. Home gyms save a sufficient amount of money and time, with no membership fees, no commute time, no specific hours and the comfort of being at home. It’s all for your convenience and leisure.

Building a home gym can be complicated. It is not something that you can do out of the blue. It takes strategic planning to construct the paragon home gym. The dominant consideration to plan your gym begins with knowing your fitness goals. What is it that you want to achieve from the fitness regime? Second is the space: where are you building the gym, the moisture level around the area and size. The most important consideration of all would be the budget. Construction of a home gym can be done in thousands of dollars and go up to millions.

Everything that you will require in terms of flooring, equipment and setup is dependant on these factors primarily.




#1 Dumbells

The first thing anyone will think to buy for their gym has to be dumbells. They are crucial for muscle definition and building strength. It’s beneficial for strengthening the lower body, upper body and core body. You are going to use them a lot and for a very long time, the quality matters. Find yourself the perfect set with Build your Gym by functional fitness Supply.


#2 Adjustable Bench

Regardless of the size of your gym, there is no way you cannot accommodate an adjustable bench. It is a necessity for heavy workouts.


#3 Pull-Up Bar

It’s an inexpensive but non-negotiable buy. Even though most people dislike the idea of pull-ups, it is prominent for your posture, grip, back and shoulder strength. However, If you can keep a full rack, that is a more profitable deal.


#4 Resistance band

Easily the best affordable piece of equipment to buy. Something that you can use for strength, core stability, cardio and whatnot.

#5 Barbell and Plates

If you are a part of the fitness game for a while, there is no reason why deadlifts can’t happen at home. Barbells and plates are crucial for heavy weight lifting but are expensive. FFS provide a wide range of Olympic bars and rubber plates. You can choose the best suitable option.


#6 Squat rack

A squat rack assists with bench exercises, overhead presses, deadlifts, barbell rows, and barbell lunges. Working out with a barbell is much safer and convenient with a squat rack.


#7 Kettlebells

Kettlebells are designed for dynamic movement. It gets your heart pumping without a lot of movement. These are favourites for most people as they are a great option for free weights. With them, you can include weightlifting with cardio.


#8 Medicine Balls

An incredible choice for ballistic training. These things are great for conditioning and building extensive strength.


Cardio Equipment

Workouts are incomplete without cardio routines. But the big machines will cost a fortune and may not be the best purchase if you don’t have enough space. But if you do, the following might be the best options to buy for your home gym.

If the big bucks are scaring you, there are options that are affordable and will maintain your cardio routine.


#9 Skipping rope

We all have used them during P.E. lessons and playtime. Statistically, Skipping is as good as running for twenty minutes on a treadmill.

#10 Punchbag and Gloves

It’s a practical purchase in comparison to a treadmill for a home gym. It does not take enough space to be a problem and, you can always picture your enemy’s face on the punch bag. (Win-Win)


With #BuildYourGym, FFs provides an astonishingly huge range of products to serve your every need. You can buy everything at an affordable price with quality assurance. Gym Building is not an easy task and, we understand that. That is why we provide you with the option to let us build your gym for you. From consultation to installation, you wouldn’t need to lift a finger.

Good equipment is the life of a Gym. Quality that meets your daily needs and pushes you closer to your fitness goals must be the priority of the establishment.

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